Affiliate Benefits

Learn Why FlowMode Has One of The Best CBD Affiliate Programs in The Biz

When you share FlowMode with your tribe, you’re offering unique formulas that go beyond CBD oil.

Our affiliates earn 20% commission with bonuses, enjoy 120-day cookies and have the opportunity to earn consistent income while selling trusted products that help empower people to lead healthier and happier lives.


We know there are a ton of affiliate programs out there. That’s why we’ve designed ours to offer you the simplest, most fulfilling experience imaginable.
Our business model is built on a foundation of integrity, transparency, generosity and a true desire to support the health and wellbeing of others.
We extend the same consideration to our affiliate team, as you are just as much an integral part of our success as our customers.
We work hard to differentiate ourselves from other CBD affiliate programs out there. As a resuilt, we are rather strict about who we accept onto our team.
Please read carefully through the details below before applying.


• Must be operational for at least 6 months
• Must have more than 5,000 unique visitors per month
• Should look professional, with mobile-optimized content
• Should not be crammed full of ads or sponsors

• Must have at least 5,000 followers

• Should post on a weekly or bi-weekly basis

• May not say disparaging remarks about the brand or products

• All posts should include clear instructions on how to use affiliate links


FlowMode offers a 20% commission, generous bonus program and industry-leading 120-day cookie policy.

That means if a person clicks on your affiliate link and heads to our store but doesn’t buy anything today, they can come back to the store up to 120 days later and you’ll still earn a commission from the sale!

Most brands only offer 30 to 60 day cookies, so this is a huge advantage to you.

We provide you with a wide variety of featured product photos to include on your site and in your feed. This “Creative” is pre-tagged with your Affiliate ID, meaning that anybody who clicks through to our store will be automatically connected to you!

Our affiliate program has unlimited earning potential. For every sale you refer to our site, you earn a percentage of the sale. There is no initial investment required from you.

This is our way of saying “Thank You!” for helping us spread the word about our amazing products.


• When Do I Receive Payment?

Affiliate payments go out every Friday. Any sales generated in the past seven days are paid in full at that time.

• How Do I Receive Payment?

Our payouts come through PayPal to the email you provided during registration. Please ensure that your PayPal account is connected to your registration email! We can remit payment to both PayPal personal and business accounts.

• What Affiliate Platform Do You Use?

We use WP Affiliate Manager and manage the program internally. Any questions about your affiliate interface and functionality can be directed to us at [email protected].

• Can You Delete My Account?

We reserve the right to delete your account at our discretion, based on our decision that the relationship would be damaging to our company or reputation.

If you request that your account be deleted we will be happy to do so.

*Please Note: We will honor any payment due prior to account deletion, whether voluntary or otherwise!


• Tap the button below to submit your affiliate application.

• Once you’re approved, a unique affiliate link will be created for you.

• Share your link and start earning! 

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